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Certified Septic System design & Construction

Septic System Design & Construction

Serving Calgary and the Foothills area

Certified Septic System DesignGrayline Contracting is committed to providing an affordable, workable onsite sewage treatment solution which meets or exceeds your needs and is compliant with all Provincial and Municipal regulations. Some of our original septic fields have been in service for over 30 years. We will quote, install, service and warranty your septic system.   learn more...

Septic Field Options

At Grade Septic Fields

At Grade Septic Systems

Commonly used in areas which do not want the natural trees removed to accommodate a conventional buried septic field.
Pressure Distribution Fields

Pressure Distribution Fields

This type of septic field is more efficient in processing the effluent due to the consistent effluent distribution.
Treatment Mound Fields

Raised Treatment Mound Fields

This system can accommodate a higher daily effluent flow rate into a surface area that is smaller than a conventional field

The Basics About Wastewater Treatments Systems

Learn more about conventional septic tanks and fields, the septic field variations that work with best with different soil types or conditions, and the latest Alberta regulations that govern the the design and installation of Wastewater Treatment Systems...

Advanced Environmental Protection

ProFlo Wastewater Treatment Plants are the simplest and the most effective advanced treatment system sold in Alberta. They are the most effective system to reduce sewage contamination and protect the environment – specifically the endangered water aquifers.  learn more...

Emergency Septic System Service

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Grayline warranties our systems for 5 years and other segments for 20 years .

After 35 years of septic installations we are confident about what will stand the test of time. Grayline septic systems are bullet proof and worry free.   learn more...


Bruce has been installing septic systems for our rural client’s homes for several years now. He is our “go to guy” who actually installs all the pieces and is in the trenches on every job.  more...

Chad Blash, P.Eng.
Tamani Communities

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Certified by Alberta Municipal Affairs, Plumbing Division

Former Director of AOWMA, Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association