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We take your crap seriously!

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why choose grayline:

  • With 54+ years of combined experience there is very little we haven't seen.​

  • We've been around since 1982, we love what we do and we are here to stay!

  • Over 2000 septic systems in the ground.

  • 100s of satisfied customers each year!

  • We are the Premier Septic Contractor for the Foothills and surrounding areas!

  • Industry-leading 5 year warranty

  • We are proud of the work that we do and to prove that to you we offer a warranty like no one else in the business.  


Here's what to expect when you hire Grayline:

  • We will meet with you on your site to discuss your needs and how you foresee the development of your property.

    • Often times homeowners would like certain elements to remain undisturbed, ex: certain trees, pathways, landmarks, etc. We will work with you to accommodate these important requests. ​

  • We will assess your site and explain the type of septic system which will fit your onsite conditions and answer any questions you may have. 

  • We will go over placement options for your septic tank and septic field which will be acceptable to you and meet all municipal code requirements. 

    • When going over placement options we will also discuss how you foresee your landscaping - we pride ourselves in our ability to make your septic system blend into your landscaping. Your septic system should never be an eyesore. Matt is very meticulous and will ensure your site is left very neat and tidy and is ready for fine landscaping.  

  • If need be we will align you with a Certified Design Consultant who we know and trust to provide you with a timely and quality design. 

A little more about us:

Not only will Matt meet you onsite, explain your system and your options, he will also be the guy completing the job from start to finish. Often times companies will send their foreman or salesman to meet on-site and when it comes time to do the job they send a crew of people you've never seen or met before. The relationship factor is completely lost. We are a small company and we prefer to stay that way so we can make sure that every job we do adheres to our high-quality standards. 


Environmental protection is a priority for Grayline. The purpose of your septic system is to separate wastewater properly so that the groundwater will not be contaminated and cause health and environmental problems on your property and neighboring properties. A properly designed septic system protects the environment from contamination while providing an efficient and cost-effective method for sewage and wastewater treatment. 

Grayline has always been able to provide a workable onsite sewage solution that meets the customer's needs, fits within a reasonable budget and is compliant with the Provincial and Municipal regulations. We pride ourselves in the protection of the environment and delivering a cost-effective high quality septic system.








active working systems in the ground

years serving the foothills & surrounding areas

Warranty provided


Grayline has hundreds of existing clients located in the Foothills  and surrounding areas with over 2000 successful installations. 


We would be happy to locate an existing installation near your site for your evaluation as to our workmanship and integrity.


We will align you with a certified and experienced design consultant who will develop a blueprint based on information drawn from you the home owner, the home/building design, the lot topography, and the soil structure and textures. We take the final design and add the perspective of 54 years of installation experience to provide you with a system that is affordable and effective. 


Once it is determined what the daily flow rates from the home will be and how many square feet of septic field are required to disperse the wastewater the design specialist can develop a plan and blueprints for the project. Grayline will then provide you with a free written quote based on this design. We are more than happy to review the system design and installation procedures with you and to answer any questions you may have. At this point we can proceed with an installation timeline and book the project for installation and completion.

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